Cloud Adoption Journey
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Cloud Adoption Framework

Based on the best practices from hundreds of successful engagements, the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) brings together the best technology, practices, and learnings for enterprise-wide cloud adoption.


Cloud-First Strategies

Cloud First strategy should be top of mind when crafting an IT long-term strategy or when evaluating vendors that touch your data. Let our experts help you craft this strategy for your organization. 


Cloud Training & Talents

Adopting the cloud requires also adopting the right skills. Wither you want to build a new team to manage your cloud-based systems, or you want to upskill your existing team to gain the required knowledge, we at Cloudy can help you achieve that.


Technology & Vendor Evaluation

We understand the cloud platforms and their technology stacks very well. Wither you are evaluating global cloud providers or local providers or even private cloud options; we will be your trusted-advisor to chose the best fit for your exact needs.

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