Cloud With Ease & Confidence

Our talented team will answer your questions: How to adopt cloud? Which vendor to chose? What technology to select? And how to build a cloud-first strategy?


Cloud Adoption

Cloud adoption across an enterprise is a major undertaking. Let our team of experts help your enterprise launch a successful cloud initiative so you can quickly realize the benefits of cloud technology to grow and stay competitive. 


Based on the best practices from hundreds of successful engagements, the Cloud Adoption Framework(CAF) brings together the best technology, practices, and learnings for enterprise-wide cloud adoption. We walk you through our comprehensive framework for cloud adoption, helping you build your own cloud program so you can deliver business results faster, no matter where you are in your cloud transformation.


A Cloud First Strategy means that as an organization brings new applications or services online, it tries to explore the viability of a cloud deployment before deploying within a more traditional architecture.


Many organizations today are considering a Cloud First Strategy as the means to get out of the infrastructure business and move their full complement of business services and data into the cloud. By leveraging the economies of scale for both compute and storage now available in the cloud, organizations can significantly reduce the expense and complexity of storing and managing ever-increasing amounts of unstructured data.


Cloud First strategy should be top of mind when crafting an IT long-term strategy or when evaluating vendors that touch your data. Let our experts help you craft this strategy for your organization.

Cloud Talents

Adopting the cloud requires also adopting the right skills. Wither you want to build a new team to manage your cloud-based systems, or you want to upskill your existing team to gain the required knowledge, we at Cloudy can help you achieve that.

As a company born in the cloud, we know precisely what is required to find cloud talents and local cloud capabilities within your organization.


Our experts will help you:

  1. Acquire new cloud talents (Saudis and non-Saudis).

  2. Setup interviews process for cloud candidates.

  3. Build and outsource training programs for cloud skills.

  4. Culture change programs and workshops.

Technology & Vendor

Cloudy consultants came from the real world; they collectively implemented hundreds of cloud-based solutions for leading organizations. So, we understand the cloud platforms and their technology stacks very well. Wither you are evaluating global cloud providers (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google .. etc.) or local providers (STC, Mobily ..etc.) or even private cloud options; we will be your trusted-advisor to chose the best fit for your exact needs.


Our experts will help you in:

  1. Evaluate cloud vendors.

  2. Review system architecture.

  3. Advise cost-saving techniques.

  4. Advisory report on cloud implementation.